Novice-Ltd. is the most innovated production company in this branche of clothing.
Our demand is to supply our customers with products of excellent quality and a 1st grade service.
We are designing a varity of styles that can be used for different purposes - either at Home but also for
Theme-Parties, in Clubs or Outdoor-Events like Halloween or Steampunk .
Also, event agencies can find unique products for their customers.
All our wholesale customers who like to download our brochure and pricelist  are requested to send us a registration form. Within 48 hours you will receive the access details for more information. All other pages of our website are public.

So, check our product catalog now.
However, you can already check some of our products. Photos with the mannequin doll will be replaced soon by model-photos. You also can contact us directly by mail (  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for any questions not answered yet in the FAQ section.