Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


No. This occurs by using cheap quality material that exposes a smell similar tare due to the dying. These chemicals are harmful. (e.g. formaldehyde).

We only use material that is free of bad ordeur. Our PVC is not China-made.

Although we are located in Thailand our styles are designed according a German size-table. 

Essential towards Asian sizetables is the big difference in width and, very important, the different body length.

As we offer our products worldwide, please check with your local sizes. A German XL might not be the same as an US XL. Please compare the listed meassures in our size-table with your own body meassures and choose the size (S - 3XL) accordingly.

Please check out our company details on the website under "contact us".
Also directly:

Will be there additional costs for importing ?

Cannot be answered fully. This also depends on the purchase price. Please check this question with the customs authority (website) in your country. For the EU an import up to equivalent 22,-  EUR (price for item + transport) is tax and duty free. Above 22 EUR to 150,- EUR duty free but not tax (VAT) free. This amount might be cashed in by Post or express company. But this does not always happen.

Business clients: Please refer to wholesale section !!!

Genereally we ship single items by post as registered small parcel air (up to 2 kg) or as parcel air for above 2 kg. According to the Thai Post Office the transit time is normally 10-14 days.
We ship your item latest 1 – 2 working days after we have received the payment AND your message about the required size if applicable (see FAQ 'sizemix').
If you need your item faster we offer the option to ship upon your request with an express company. Depending on your location the transit time will be about 2 – 4 days. Although we pass the discount we receive from the express company to our customers, please consider the higher cost for shipping. (contact us in advance to receive info about express rate)

For business clients, please refer to the wholesale section !!!

It is big problem for customers that some manufacturers offer their products with copied model-photos. But the products are very different in shape / quality of material and finishing. Their wholesalers and/or retailers also offer these products with these photos. Beside the copyright violation a customer never really know what he will get.

We make own photos from our products with our photo-model. We also show different views (side, backside) of the models.

That means: What You See Is What You Get !

PS: Some of the photos are presently only available with a mannequin-doll. These will be replaced by photo-models on the next photo-shooting.

Please check the section 'Terms and Conditions'

PVC is sourced outside of China. 

The PVC we use is tear-resistant, posing no health hazard due to risky chemical treatment, stretchy.
Presently we offer, depending on style, stretch PVC and PVC.
Stretch – PVC = 4-way, high stretchy in all directions nearly the same as latex. (Don’t let fool you with 2-way sold as 4-way).
2-way PVC: thicker and light stretchy in width.

As an alternative to tailor-made for two-piece-sets. There is no norm for humans. So, manufacturers use size-charts that are suitable for the majority population of a country / region. There are always people who are served well with the top of a set but need a skirt, string, pants etc. one or two sizes bigger or smaller. For those we offer a size-mix to achieve a most fitting for the whole set.   

If possible, we offer the bras, skirts, pants separately, so that you can order anyway in different sizes. But this is not always suitable, so the size mix within a set is a good alternative.